How to configure telnet to login as root

September 23, 2009

By default, telnet is enabled to be access by remote logins for a non-root user. To allow a root user to access the telnet remotely you will have to explicitly allow it.

This can be done by commenting the following line in the file /etc/default/login:

# CONSOLE=/dev/console

But please understand the security threat behind this, first telnet is insecure and hence is not suggested method of remote access, instead use SSH. Besides allowing remote login for root via telnet is a big NO NO.

You’ve been warned!


Solaris 10 versions

September 21, 2009

Often the Solaris 10 versions are referred by two ways. Either by the date on which they were released or the update no. So the latest release of Solaris10 is U8 released in Oct-2009 (10/09).

But what about the rest?
Given below is a simple table mentioning the release date and its corresponding update no:

Update Release
1 01/06
2 06/06
3 11/06
4 08/07
5 05/08
6 10/08
7 05/09
8 10/09